More than ever before, global communication operators and media/content companies are faced with the predicament of defining and proving a convergent value chain, while simultaneously cutting operational costs to meet quarterly targets. The challenge is real and complex, requiring a partner and services model that delivers on both these imperatives.

ISR Info Way practice for communications and media companies delivers the market's most sophisticated mix of consultants, tools, and technologies. Across the segments within this convergent space - including wireless, fixed, satellite, print, broadcast, media, broadband, and Internet - ISR Info Way experience in shaping and realizing the next-generation value chain for these companies worldwide is practical, reliable, and successful.


Our professional services expertise provides the wide range of consulting services and professional expertise needed to successfully implement a business process solution, ensuring delivery of anticipated benefits, return on investment, and reliability of mission critical processes.

The skills and technology transfer to our customers is recognized as one of the most critical services we can provide for the development, maintenance and enhancement of successful business process systems.

Assisting with the design, development and delivery of the solution at key project stages, ISR Info Way has a team of experienced and highly skilled consultants available to support your process management team. This partnership approach ensures that your controls and standards are observed and the maximum use of in-house expertise is obtained.

ISR Info Way consultants have a wide variety of experience and specialization in process management design and business process re-engineering, endorsing ISR Info Way commitment to providing quality advice, guidance and support to customers all over the world.


ISR Info Way Telecom focus enables ISR Info Way to provide services to Telecommunications Services Providers to achieve IT transformation and costs optimization by offering services in applications development & maintenance and systems integration. We provide domain expertise in several critical TSP business processes: Billing, operations support systems, business support systems, network assurance, service assurance and delivery.

CRM lifecycle management, order management and enterprise integration.We offer innovative, proven, and repeatable industry solutions to address many of the most pressing telecom challenges:
  • Fast-Track Telecom Product Launch and Lifecycle Management such as VoIP,IVR,MVNO, 3G, Value-Added Services Comprehensive CRM Lifecycle Services, including Loyalty Management, Order Management Optimization and Zero-Touch, Flow-Through Provisioning Solutions etc.
  • Integration Architecture and Design Best Practices.
  • Enterprise Billing Application and Revenue Assurance Optimization.
  • Multi-Product Converged Billing, Mediation and Rating.
  • Quality Assurance Strategy, Testing and Automation.
Our service offering spans across various TELECOM SERVICE PROVIDERS pain areas and domains, such as:
  • IT Strategy
  • Process Consulting
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Technology Implementation
  • IT Portfolio
  • Analysis/Rationalization/Consolidation
  • IT Governance

We have serviced wireless companies, local exchange carriers, cable/satellite operators, long distance carriers, ISPs, and content/media providers. ISR Info Way Telecom Practice Unit has extensive experience in delivering successful solutions to complex industry problems, both on time and under budget.

ISR Info Way focuses on Strategic partnership and prime vendorship on long-term contracts for the largest telecom-service providers in North America.