Turnaround happens with talent infusion

Building business success through IT consulting by carefully responding to tech trends and talent challenges. Businesses are challenged by tech trends like:

  • IT consumerisation
  • rapid mobile adoption
  • big data and analytics
  • cloud migration

If the abovementioned act as tech challenges, businesses are negatively impacted by the talent crunch in the context of disruptive as well as emerging technologies. ISR Info Way responds to these challenges by shaping IT worker of the future. We respond to emerging challenges, trends by modernizing legacy systems and creating robust delivery models. Our team has 20 years of experience in providing customized consulting solutions across verticals. Our core strength lies in sourcing and supplying talent to realize the project goals of industries globally.

ISR Info Way provide specific expertise in ERP, CRM, and Supply Chain Management Applications in PeopleSoft, Oracle, and SAP platforms.

Do all consulting firms bring in right expertise to aid your business in innovation? It is in this area we step in to give tangible results, cost effectively. This sets us apart from other consultants. We thrive in skilling, teamwork, and fitting into different cultures, and organizational DNAs. What else organizations want?

Gartner pegs IT consulting at 5.2% in 2015 and 2016. At ISR Info Way , we foresee considerable talent demand in:

  • strategy services
  • advisory services
  • implementation services

ISR Info Way has the thought leadership, talent, and mobility to realize your project goals. We look forward to turnaround economies by enabling businesses to enhance operations, processes and productivity. Turnaround happens with talent infusion. Partner with experts as we have demonstrated expertise in executing projects.


Create economies of scale by providing consulting services for businesses across verticals.

  • Provide consulting services by meeting quality, price, and deadline parameters.
  • Provide innovative solutions to complex business challenges.
  • Nurture talent force that has the perfect cultural fit.
  • Create talent transcending biases, ethnicities, and geographies.
  • Assiduously researching on latest technological advances, train executives to keep pace with skill requirements.
  • Sourcing talent across geographies making use of immigration policies, job visas.
  • Comply with Federal regulations.